Quilling Supplies


 Quiller's 3-Dimensional Quilling Tool

QUILLED CREATIONS-Mini Mold. This mold is the perfect Quiller's 3- Dimensional shaping tool! It helps form flat; tight coils into perfect 3-D domes.

This will help you make 3D domes of 12 different sizes with ease.

Price: Rs. 450/- per piece

Fine Tip Glue Applicator Bottle

You know sometimes even a little bit more of glue can change look of ur work especially if u r obsessive quiller like me.. so I had been looking for this since quite some time.. n now i have one for u guys too.
It gives u real tiny drop of glue perfect for those tiny pearls n stones as well..
This is close up of tip. n its metal tip so no worry about breaking too.
Price Rs. 130/- per bottle

Panduro Quilling Tool

This is most awaited quilling tool that we have finally managed to get for you.
Its used by famous quiller Pritesh Ananth Krishnan
Its a plastic body with steel head.

Price: Rs. 600/- per piece.

Quilling Needle Tool By Quilled Creation

A highly versatile tool. Use for rolling paper, applying glue, arranging coils and scoring. It allows you to form evenly twirled rolls and scrolls. The small center formed by the needle creates a more attractive and finished look. Comfortable 4" handle with rubber grip

Price: Rs. 250/- per piece.


1. Slotted Quilling Tool - plastic body: 

Price:  Rs. 30/- per pc

2. needle tool with plastic body:
You can use it to apply a tiny bit of glue or to even roll a perfect coil with practically no hole in centre.

Price: Rs. 15/- per pc

3. Quilling crimper
It can corrugate even 10 mm strips. easy to store as the handle comes off n can be kept on bk of crimper.

 Rs. 75/- per pc

4. Quilling comb for making husking and other techniques.

Price: Rs. 90/- per pc

5.Bent tip tweezers:
Price: Rs. 60/- per pc

6.  Straight tip tweezers:
Price: Rs. 60/- per pc

7. Cross action tweezer :
This tweezer open up wen u press it. so ideal wen u want to hold a piece for long time.also fine tip gives u very precision grip.
Price: Rs. 85/- per pc


These are various sizes of quilling boards we have  for classes, beginners and for professional quillers too.

Back side is entirely cork board which you can use for various purposes.

for classes and beginners
Size: 5 inch by 5 inch
Price: Rs.70/-
for classes and beginners
Size: 3 inch by 6 inch
Price: Rs.50/-

for professional quillers
Size: 8" by 6.5"
Price: 140/-


  1. How much will be the shipping charges to Gudur in Andhra Pradesh. Pin code :524101

    1. hi anjali price for shipping is 100/- per kg

  2. Hi What is the green square background in the 'quilling board' images? Is that a board or just patterened paper?

  3. shipping charges to kerala ..shasal74@gmail.com

  4. do you have minimum order amount to ship to chennai apart from shipping charges ? if so , how much is the minimum amount and how much is the shipping charge ?

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